Academic Council

Academic Council Membership 2016-2017

Elections for Professors and Teaching and Research members are held every three years, for Early Career Academics and Heads of Department, every two years and annually for Students' Union members and External Links members.


1. Ex-officio
 Vice-Chancellor (Chair) David Maguire
2. Appointed
(a) Deputy Vice-Chancellor Susan Lea (Academic Development) 
(b) Deputy Vice-Chancellor  Javier Bonet (Research & Enterprise)
(c) Chief Operating Officer Anne Poulson 
(d) University Secretary Louise Nadal
(e) Pro Vice-Chancellors (4)Linda Burke

Judith Burnett

Jonathan Sibson

Martin Snowden
(f) Deputy Pro Vice Chancellors (5)Liz Bacon

Simeon Keates

Chris Philpott

Neil Spiller

Andrew Westby
(g) Head of Medway School of Pharmacy ScienceIan Cumming
(h) Director of Greenwich Research & Enterprise (GRE)Martin Davies
(i) Deputy Director of Student Affairs, Admin SystemsWill Fitzmaurice
(j) Director of Information & Library ServicesPaul Butler
(k) Chair of the University Research Ethics Committee, appointed by the Vice ChancellorPamela Maras 
(l) Head of Academic Quality UnitWendy Cealey Harrison
(m) A Faculty Director of Learning & Teaching, appointed by the Vice ChancellorVeronica Habgood
3. Elected teaching and research members (8)
Dept of Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Environmental ScienceBruce Alexander 2015-2018
Dept of Psychology, Social Work & CounsellingSandhiran Patchay 2016-2019
Dept of Computing & Information SystemsCos Ierotheou 2014-2017
Dept of Electrical, Electronic & Computer EngineeringWim Melis 2015-2018
Dept of International Business & EconomicsHannah Yakavenka 2015-2018
Dept of Law & the Centre for CriminologySandra Clarke 2015-2018
Dept of Life & Sports SciencesGiulia Getti 2015-2018
Dept of Technology Management & EnterpriseAlec Coutroubis 2016-2019
4. Elected heads of academic departments (3)Samer El-Daher 2016-2018

VACANCY 2016-2018

VACANCY 2016-2018
5. Elected professors (2)Chris Bailey 2016-2019

Steven Haines 2014-2017
 6.  Elected early career academics (2)Abigail Rickard 2015-2017

Nazanin Zand 2015-2017
7.  Elected student members (4)
PresidentScarlett Dempsey 2016-2017
Vice-President EducationVivian Van Lent 2016-2017
Vice President  Welfare Luke Ellis 2016-2017
Vice President Student Activities Louis Hale 2016-2017