Information on paying student accommodation fees by debit or credit card, online, by cheque or bank transfer.

Methods of Paying Accommodation Fees, Deposits or Other Items:

Credit/Debit Card

You can pay by credit or debit card at any Accommodation Office either in person or over the telephone. When making a payment, you will need to provide your Student ID number as well as the credit/debit card details. Please note that the university cannot release information to a third party about a student's accommodation fee account without the student's written authorisation. Anyone paying on behalf of a student must therefore know the amount of the payment they wish to make.

The university does not take American Express cards and Electron cards can only be used in person.


You can check your statement and pay on-line via the Student Portal at Once you are logged into the Portal, click the "Student Support" tab and then "Pay hall fees on-line" in the Accommodation Services section.

Note: This method of payment is currently only available to registered students.


Payment can be made by sending or hand-delivering a personal cheque or a Banker's Draft payable to "University of Greenwich" to the relevant Accommodation Office. When sending a cheque in the post, you are encouraged to send it via recorded delivery and ensure you leave sufficient time for the cheque to arrive if the payment is deadline-dependent (such as a deposit paid to reserve accommodation). You must ensure that your Student ID number and name are printed clearly on the back of the cheque and you are advised to print the reason for the payment on the back of the cheque (i.e. "deposit", "bed linen," "hall fees," etc.).

Accommodation contacts

Avery Hill Campus
Aragon Court, Student Village
Southwood Site

Telephone: 020 8331 8272

Greenwich Campus
Room 040, Queen Mary Court

Telephone: 020 8331 8272

Medway Campus
Room 057, Blake Building

Telephone: 020 8331 8272

Please note: there is a £50 administrative fee in the event that a cheque is not honoured. Additionally, if a deposit cheque is not honoured, the offer of a room in hall will be automatically cancelled.

Additionally, the university is not able to accept payment in cash.

Direct Payment

Payment can be made directly into the university's bank account.

Although the university is not able to take payment of accommodation fees by Direct Debit at this time, it is happy for students to make arrangements with their banks or building societies to make payments directly into the university's bank account. In order to make a direct payment or to set up a standing order to make regular payments into the university's bank account, you will need to contact your bank and provide them with your details and the university's bank details.

When you make a direct payment or set up a standing order, you must include the following references in order to ensure that the payments are coded to your accommodation fee account:

  1. Your University of Greenwich student ID number. (9 digits beginning with 000)
  2. Your last name (if the payment is made by someone with a different name, please ensure that your last name is used)
  3. State reference as "Accommodation" if possible in order to ensure that they payment is coded correctly

University of Greenwich bank details

These are the details that you will require when setting up a standing order:

Name of account: University of Greenwich Account Number 1
Name of bank: Barclay's Bank Woolwich
Sort code: 20 98 73 Account number: 0090 4244
University IBAN number: GB03BARC20987300904244 (may be necessary for payments made from overseas)
University Swift Code: BARCGB22 (may be necessary for payments made from overseas)

Note: Payments of this type may take over a week to reach the university's bank account. If you use this method of payment for a pressing matter such as paying your deposit, you are strongly advised to contact the Accommodation Service via e-mail to inform them that you have done so. Failure to do so may result in your room offer being rescinded if the payment is not received before the offer deadline date.


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