The University of Greenwich History Research Group's research interests are diverse in chronological and thematic terms, ranging from Britain to Russia to South Asia to the Middle East. Meetings provide a focus for the group's overarching activities and a forum for discussion on comparative and collaborative themes and projects. While our historians' research interests are diverse, they intersect at various points, for instance on the topics of maritime history, material culture, and environmental history, giving rise to shared foci of interest and facilitating innovative and productive collaborations. The group also maintain close links with historians working in other institutions in London and beyond, participating in a range of seminars and workshops, including at the Institute of Historical Research.

Historians at Greenwich have continued to collaborate across departmental and disciplinary boundaries, and to broaden and deepen their specialisms in regional, maritime, and community/public history. Examples of past projects include the England's 'Past for Everyone' project, the successful completion of the Leverhulme-funded 'Sustaining the Empire' project and its offshoot the 'Contractor State Group', and the Times Higher Education award-nominated 'Memories of War' project respectively. The group has a particularly strong specialism in public history and an excellent track record of developing projects in partnership with outside stakeholders and the local community, as well as to the international community through online and collaborative projects.

Both collectively and as individuals, historians at the university make a full contribution to the broader, disciplinary research environment. In addition to undertaking the normal scholarly activities of editing, refereeing, reviewing and examining, they have forged significant links with colleagues and partners in regional, national and international contexts. These links reflect the group's particular thematic strengths, though all members of staff make contributions to their sub-disciplinary specialisms. The university's historians make active contributions to the development of their disciplines, both through seminar series and conferences within and outside the University. You can find information about our specific research interests and activities in the following tabs, and we encourage visitors to follow us as individuals and as an institution on Twitter,, and other online platforms.