Events at the Festival include interactive presentations and workshops on exciting mathematical ideas, information about state-of-the-art current mathematical research, hands-on activities, and exhibitions.  Some events are bookable and, since these are likely to be very popular and capacity is limited, we recommend booking in advance for these.  A full list of events, times and locations, and a plan of the venue, can be found via the PROGRAMME link in the menu.  Printed copies of the programme and venue plan will be available on the day.

All details are provisional.  

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Evening Public Lecture, Tuesday 27 June (bookable)

Jennifer Rogers (University of Oxford), Yeah, but is it Significant?

Interactive Presentations (bookable)

Nira Chamberlain (Babcock International Group), The Black Heroes of Mathematics
Rob Eastaway (Maths Inspiration), The Hidden Maths of Games
James GrimeEnigma and the secret world of codes and code breaking
Aoife Hunt (AECOM), Jammin' with Maths
Ben Sparks, The Creation of Number
Katie Steckles, Maths 's Greatest Unsolved Puzzles 
Colin Wright (Solipsys Limited), Patterns and Predictions

Workshops (bookable)

Takita Bartlett (takita takita jewellery), Maths in Style
Jonathan Histed (JRC Innovation Ltd), Why do pigs and boomerangs fly? Find out and make your own boomerang!
Katie Steckles, Paper Folding & Problem Solving  

Research activities (no booking required)

Peter Lawrence and Veronica Pellacini, Fire Safety Engineering Group, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich, It's an Emergency! How Mathematics Helps to Save Lives

Talk to researchers from the Computational Science & Engineering Group, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich and the Numerical and Applied Mathematics Unit, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich in room QA139 throughout both days of the Festival.

Philip Aston (University of Surrey) and Manasi Nandi (King's College London), Can Maths Solve Sepsis?

Paul Harris and Jenny Venton (University of Brighton), Modelling the Spinal Cord

Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol, Mathematical modelling, what is it and how do you go about doing it? 

Exhibitions, hands-on (and feet-on) activities, workshops and displays (no booking required)

Walk on custard with the University of Greenwich Department of Mathematical Sciences! 
Mathematics helps us understand the sometimes surprising behaviour of fluids.  Did you know that you can walk on custard?  Try for yourself!

Women of Mathematics throughout Europe: A Gallery of Portraits 
The exhibition offers a glimpse into the world of mathematics through photographs by Noel Tovia Matoff and excerpts of interviews by Sylvie Paycha and Sara Azzali of thirteen women mathematicians throughout Europe.

Maths - opening the door to your future
Explore the importance of maths in your career and in life in general with Alison Terry (Further Mathematics Support Programme) and Aoife Hunt (AECOM).

A talk by GCHQ, on Tuesday at 2pm in Room QA065.

Mathematics in Action
Hands-on Activities with the University of Greenwich and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. These activities are not timed - you are welcome to drop in at any time during the Festival. 

Workshops provided by the Operational Research Society
The OR Society
is providing a range of workshops introducing the ideas of Operational Research and how it applies to practical real-life situation.  These are timed events - click on the link for more information.

Workshops provided by the Further Mathematics Support Programme
FMSP is running activities throughout the Festival - click on the link for details.

NRICH Hands-On Maths Roadshow  
Mathematical puzzles, games and activities designed to promote creative approaches to mathematics.

Chalkdust magazine 
The mathematics magazine will be present at the Festival, on Wednesday only.

MathsWorld UK 
Have you ever wondered what an interactive Exploratorium of Mathematics might look like?  Join MathsWorldUK at their stand to find out. 

Maths Explorers 
Maths Explorers will provide a workshop, Maths by Colour, on Tuesday only. 

Workshops, activities and displays provided by the University of Bath (Tuesday only), the Mathematical Association, and the UK Mathematics Trust.  These activities and displays are in Room QA039.