Greenwich Maths Time

The University of Greenwich Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Greenwich Maths Centre are hosting Greenwich Maths Time, the IMA Festival of Mathematics and its Applications, at the University of Greenwich on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June, 2017. The event is further supported by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the University of Greenwich, the Further Mathematics Support Programme, the OR Society, the London South East and Kent and Medway Maths Hubs, and FDM, and will feature leading mathematicians and mathematics communicators talking about their work and the wonderful world of mathematics.  See the EVENTS link in the menu to the right for details of the Festival workshops, activities and exhibition. 

All are welcome.  Many of the events are particularly suitable for students at year 10 and upwards. Information about the programme, booking, and travel can be found via the links to the right. 

The Festival is associated with the "Maths at Work" poster competition organised by and the winners will be announced at the Festival.  See the COMPETITION link in the menu.

If you have any questions which are not answered on this website, please email

Twitter hashtag #IMAFest17

Greenwich Maths Time is hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, University of Greenwich.