Printed copies of the programme and plan will be available at the event.

The following day-time events may be booked by school parties - see the Booking page for how to book, and the Events page for links to more information on each event.  

Please be aware that many of these events are now fully booked.  In the event of late cancellations, places may be available on the day.

Bookable large events:

Nira Chamberlain (Babcock International Group), The Black Heroes of Mathematics (Tuesday 10am and 1pm, Wednesday 10am and 1pm)
Rob Eastaway (Maths Inspiration), The Hidden Maths of Games (Tuesday 12 noon and 2pm, Wednesday 12 noon and 2pm)
James Grime, Enigma and the secret world of codes and code breaking (Tuesday 10am and 2pm, Wednesday 10am and 2pm)
Aoife Hunt (AECOM), Jammin' with Maths (Tuesday 12 noon, Wednesday 12 noon)
Ben Sparks, The Creation of Number (Wednesday 11am and 1pm)
Katie Steckles, Maths 's Greatest Unsolved Puzzles (Tuesday 11am, Wednesday 11am)
Colin Wright (Solipsys Limited), Patterns and Predictions (Tuesday 11am and 1pm)

Bookable workshops for small groups:

Takita Bartlett (takita takita jewellery), Maths in Style: (Tuesday 11am and 2pm, Wednesday 12 noon and 2pm)
Katie Steckles, Paper Folding & Problem Solving (Tuesday 1pm, Wednesday 10am)
Jonathan Histed (JRC Innovation Ltd), Why do pigs fly and boomerangs fly? Find out and make a boomerang! (Tuesday 12 noon and 2pm, Wednesday 11am and 1pm)

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