John Williams South of the River

Professor John Williams` first monograph on Romanticism, William Wordsworth: Romantic Poetry and Revolution Politics, was published in 1989 by Manchester University Press. Since then he has published widely on Romanticism and related topics. His most recent book was Wordsworth Translated: A Case Study in the Reception of British Romantic Poetry in Germany 1804-1914, published by Continuum in 2009. In 2013 his article `Natives, Outcasts, and Aliens: Sir Walter Scott and the Writing of Modern London` was published in The Literary London Journal. His published work on Metropolitan Romanticism includes `Peter Ackroyd's Chatterton, Thomas Chatterton, and Postmodern Romantic Identities and attitudes` in Romanticism 2009, `Building a Heaven in Hell's Despair: The Everlasting Gospel of Revolution according to William Blake and Douglas Oliver`, in Romanticism 2012, and `A Solemn Bleat: Charles Lamb Agrees to Review William Wordsworth's The Excursion` in The Charles Lamb Bulletin, 2014. In 2016 Professor Williams delivered the Charles Lamb Memorial Lecture at the annual Edmonton Charles Lamb Festival, `"A bit of green is very powerful": The Legacy of Charles Lamb's `ever dear London` for Contemporary Literary London`. Professor Williams retired in 2010 as Professor of Literary Studies at the University of Greenwich.

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