As a not-for-profit business, National Maritime is a powerhouse of businesses working in the maritime sector focused on supply chain development and the sustainable growth of estuarine and coastal communities.

We help our members realise their business visions and address targeted business challenges. We work to promote and develop excellence in all activities related to business, skills and education. We define the UK maritime sector as Shipping, Port Operations and Business Services, Marine Engineering, Renewables, Fisheries, Heritage, Recreational, Offshore Oil and Gas.

Visit the recent 'Big Skills Debate' held in November 2017 at the University of Greenwich to see a recording of one our maritime sector and training events.

We actively encourage cross sector collaboration between these industries, we call this the #maritimeconnection.

You can find listings of National Maritime's nationwide events on their website but you can also find them on our website.

National Maritime, is the maritime network for industries influenced by the sea and waterways. Our purpose is to serve and support our members to help them grow and increase business. We promote the UK as a world class location central to the country's global maritime aspirations and work with those industries ambitious to drive trade, productivity and economic growth.