Research centres and facilities

Our research groups specialise in a variety of areas, ranging from applied linguistics and advanced architectural design technology to maritime policy and stochastic modelling.

Architecture and built environment

Focused on the impact of advanced technology in architectural design.

AVATAR Laboratory

Supporting the development of a sustainable built environment.

Sustainable Built Environment Research Group

Art, design and media

Contemporary media arts and new kinds of engagement through technological development. 

Digital Arts Research and Enterprise

Computing and information systems

AI techniques, knowledge management and reasoning systems in real-life application. 

Centre for Computer and Computational Science

Teaching and researching in areas including network, application and operating systems security. 

Computer Security, Audit, Forensics and Education

Development and application of digital technologies across the web and other distributed systems. 


Leading in computational aspects of GIS and digital mapping. 

Greenwich GIScience Research Group (g3)

History, politics and social sciences

Areas include gender, ethnicity, popular culture, social change and global studies. 

Applied Sociology Research Group

Research in maritime history, policy, security and disaster management. 

Greenwich Maritime Centre

Our strengths lie in naval and maritime history, and in local and regional history. 

History Research Activity Group

Law and criminology

Research on the impact of commercial activities and business working methods. 

Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group

An inter-disciplinary group, undertaking research in areas such as crime and gender. 

Law and Criminology Research Group

Literature, language and theatre

Understanding the acquisition and use of language from theoretical and practical perspectives. 

Applied Linguistics Research Group

Mathematical sciences

Delivering technologies to predict the performance of complex engineering systems. 

Computational Mechanics and Reliability Group

We provide expertise in research and development work in numerical analysis and scientific computing. 

Numerical and Applied Mathematics Unit

A world leader in providing computational engineering solutions to complex problems. 

Numerical Modelling and Process Analysis