Applied Linguistics Research Group Applied Linguistics Research Group

The Applied Linguistics Research Group works on the learning and teaching of languages.

The group concentrates on investigations, which will lead to greater knowledge and understanding of:

  1. the language(s) being learnt
  2. the processes through which the language(s) are learnt
  3. the processes through which teachers may most successfully guide and assist language learning.

Specifically, the group has worked on input processing and processing instruction (Dr Laval), the syntax and semantics of tense and aspect and their acquisition (Dr Arche) and on representational deficit/ultimate attainment, focusing on tense and aspect (Dr Liszka).

The research findings have been and will be applied to situations of language learning and teaching and have been influential in determining educational policy.

Applied Linguistics Research Group is part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Greenwich.