Current Research Projects

Me? I just put British: performance based on Black Women's experiences of belonging and home making

Intergenerational Legacy of Windrush Nurses: exploring the impact and legacy for successive generations of African-Caribbean people in the UK

Participatory Arts and Social Action Research,, funded by ESRC, (with Umut Erel, Open University and Maggie O'Neill, University of York);

Taking the bite out of wetlands: Managing Mosquitoes and the socio-ecological value of wetlands for wellbeing

Youth Matters: young people, social inclusion and participatory theatre

Mig-art: a digital repository for creative, collaborative and participatory methods in migration studies (research, teaching and activism)

Polygamy matters

Brighter Futures: Enhancing opportunities for BME students and staff in higher education

Examples of Community Engagement Projects

Participatory Arts and Social Action Research, 2016-2018: Funded by the National Centre for Research Methods/Economic and Social Research Council. This research project addresses the UK social science community's need to gain a better understanding of how participatory action research approaches engage marginalised groups in research as co-producers of knowledge. The project combines walking methods and participatory theatre to create a space for exploring, sharing and documenting processes of belonging and place-making that are crucial to understanding and enacting citizenship. It creates a model for bringing together practitioners and marginalized groups to engage with each other through various types of creative methods and innovates by developing a toolkit for training social researchers in participatory methods.  The project is collaborative with Open University and University of York Tracey Reynolds

Polygamy matters, 2018: in collaboration with MEWso (Middle Eastern Women support organisation). This project utilises creative workshops with women in polygamous relationships. It  addresses social segregation and harmful familial practices experienced by migrant communities (i.e. Middle-Eastern, including Egyptian and Syrian) such as for instance polygamy and domestic violence, using bottom-up approach, and research collaboration between academic researchers and a voluntary and community organisation. The project offers methodological innovation by deploying 'Digital Storytelling' and other arts-based creative approaches as a way to create civic engagement among women affected by social segregation and those who live in polygamous familiar relationship. Lead: Elena Vacchelli

Taking the bite out of wetlands: Managing Mosquitoes and the socio-ecological value of wetlands for wellbeing, is a joint UK Research Council (AHRC / ESRC / NERC) funded project. The project develops conceptual and practical approaches for understanding and applying ecosystem services drawing on ideas from sense of place, social wellbeing and co-constructionism (in particular actor network theory) Lead: Tim Acott

Exploring the inter-generational  Oral history interviews with retired Caribbean nurses, including several belonging to the Retired Caribbean Nurses Association  (RCNA); findings were presented at a Windrush Generation event, during Black History Month, 2018.