About us Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research (AVATAR) Laboratory

AVATAR is fundamentally interested in research concerning the impact of advanced technology on architectural design.

However, it also contributes to discussion on a range of cultural issues, from aesthetics and philosophy to cybernetics.

Technologically, AVATAR concerns itself with virtuality (exploring fully immersed, mixed and augmented environments); time-based new media (film, video and film theory; nano- and bio-technology (micro-landscapes and architecture, ethics, sustainability and ecology) reflexive environments and cybernetic systems. It is also developing synthetic biological architecture with life-like properties that is capable of sustainable construction.

AVATAR considers itself uniquely skilled and positioned to posit new aesthetic systems and codes of representation for architecture, interior design, multimedia design and graphic design. Generally, it is at the forefront of international architectural discourse and is constantly working to uncover the new architecture of the 21st Century.

The research components of AVATAR are:

  • Architecture and digital surrealism, led by Neil Spiller
  • Architecture, film and animation, led by Nic Clear

AVATAR's research agenda specifically investigates:

  1. The extent of the terrain that architecture might inhabit in the 21st century and seeks to establish its edges.
  2. How this evolving space may be developed and what kinds of impacts this means for architecture.
  3. What new possibilities for 21st century architecture may be accessed through numerous collaborators- architects, artists, designers and scientists.
  4. Establishing the skills for 21st century architects.
  5. Exploring the range of 21st century architectural types and practices.
  6. Investigating whether emerging technologies such as synthetic biology and natural computing are part of the architecture of the future.

AVATAR is actively exploring these research questions in collaboration with international cross-disciplinary partnerships. Its project profile therefore includes a broad range of projects and approaches, which include:

  • The Hylozoic Ground Chemistries
  • Future Venice
  • Future Cities conference series
  • Project Persephone

To keep up to date with news and events within AVATAR please visit our blog.

Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research (AVATAR) Laboratory is part of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, University of Greenwich.