The Computational Mechanics & Reliability Group (CMRG) is a world leader in the development and application of computer-aided technologies which predict the physical behaviour, performance, reliability, and maintainability of complex engineering systems and products.

Headed up by Professor Chris Bailey, a particular focus of CMRG's work is the development of software tools and modelling techniques for multi-physics predictions, failure analysis, reliability, and optimisation. These technologies predict the performance and reliability of electronic, photonic, and micro/nano-scale components used in a wide range of industrial sectors.


Current research projects include:

EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

Launched in July 2013, this EPSRC virtual centre combines the UK's best academic talent in power electronics across a number of core theme areas (devices, components, convertors and drives) and novel cross theme areas such as design tools and modelling, structural and function integration, and operational management and control. CMRG is providing its expertise in design tools and modelling across a number of the theme areas. In particular in developing and using computational mechanics technologies to support design for thermal, electromagnetic and reliability of next generation power electronics systems.  


Started in September 2013, this EU funded project aims to develop additive manufacturing (3D-Printing)  technologies that can be used to assemble and package next generation smart electronic systems. CMRG are playing a leading role in developing the Nextfactory suite of modelling and software tools that will predict the behaviour of printed materials and the overall quality of the manufactured and assembled parts.   

Virtual Prototyping – Non-Physical Testing using Advanced Computational Models  

This work will develop virtual prototyping technologies that will allow the centre's industrial partners (Rolls Royce, Cassidian and Micross Semiconductors Ltd) to accurately assess the reliability of commercial off-the-shelf electronic components before they are deployed in high reliability applications such as aeroplanes, satellites, etc.

For further information about CMRG please contact Professor Chris Bailey.