Saving the Medway Queen

£60,000 (2011-13)

This project was funded by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and the Medway Queen Preservation Society (MQPS). The research group has used its computational reliability expertise to undertake a structural assessment of the Medway Queen (the heroine of Dunkirk) which has been rebuilt to its original 1924 design rules.

Technology assessment on the effects of refinishing lead-free microelectronic components

£280,000 (2011-13)

Funded through GDAIS in the USA, this project has been assessing computational reliability engineering technology that can minimise the risk of damage to microelectronic components that have to be refinished to satisfy the requirements of high reliability applications in the aerospace and oil and gas sectors.

Frequency Agile Microwave Bonding System (FAMOBS)

Funded by EU-FP7 £250,000 (2008-11)

The project supported the development of multi-physics models for a novel microwave heating process for use in the manufacture of electronic packages. Further details of this project can be found at

3D-mintegration; EPSRC Grand Challenge project on micro-engineered products

£400,000 (2006-10)

The University of Greenwich was the lead partner in this £9m EPSRC Grand Challenge project which developed modelling techniques for the design of 3D miniaturised components.