Digital Arts Research & Enterprise (DARE) Digital Arts Research & Enterprise

Research in CPDA means generating and expanding knowledge through creative practice and academic scholarship. Moreover, it means discovering, working within, and articulating original forms of knowledge.

CPDA recognises three kinds of research activity and encourages a constructive interlinking between them. They are:

  • Scholarship
  • Practice
  • Practice based research

Our research is fundamentally embedded in creative practice. Creative practice is not only a way of generating objects that traditional forms of scholarship use for knowledge creation, it is in itself a form of knowledge with its own unique methodologies, insights and character. New understandings emerge as a result of such practical engagement, as methods, methodologies and creative content emerge as innovation. When creative practice encounters new subjects and contexts, it generates and expands knowledge. When original ways of doing creative practice are discovered, so are original forms of knowledge.  Our research is broken down into four specific clusters of activity:

  • Digital Creativity (including Design)
  • Creative Industries/Conversations (Data management and analysis)
  • Sonics (Theory & Practice)
  • Innovations in Screen Based Media (Film/TV/Interaction/Performance)

Digital Arts Research & Enterprise is part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Greenwich.