Digital Arts Research & Enterprise (DARE)

Research in the areas of digital art and design, film and media is structured into three key interwoven strands which give our research its strength.

The three interwoven strands are:

  • First: our philosophical/theoretical works foreground non-representational theory as a significant interpretive tool for understanding new media, visual/aural cultures, communication technologies and the creative industries.
  • Second: we produce intellectually rigorous, practice-based outputs in the form of critically acclaimed film, video, theatre, creative writing and live arts productions.
  • Third: we have a strong commitment to the role of the digital itself as archive, industry, web-science and social network.

Overall, our research includes work on cultural memory, identity, poetics, non-representational/discursive economies, augmented realities and contemporary media arts.

Research in Digital Art & Design, Film & Media is part of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, University of Greenwich.