Publications ISEC

Security-related publications by members of C-SAFE.

  • D. Chadwick, D.Gan and D. Frangiskatos. What Makes a Computer Forensics Project? 7th Annual Teaching Computer Forensics Workshop, University of Sunderland, 10 November 2011
  • D. Chadwick, D. Gan, and D. Frangiskatos. Ethical Issues in the Teaching of Computer Security, HEA ICS Conference, Belfast, August 2011
  • D. Chadwick, D. Gan and D. Frangiskatos. Learning Artefacts to Enhance Student Employability - Enhanced and Transformed: Tales from the Digital Age,University of Greenwich, London, UK., 6 July 2011
  • D. Chadwick, D. Gan and D. Frangiskatos. An Educational Paradigm for Teaching Computer Forensics, HEA Conference - Enhancing Employability of Computing Students, Derby, 16 February 2011
  • D. Frangiskatos, M. Ghassemian and D. Gan. Technology Perspective: Is Green IT a Threat to IT Security? First International Conference on Information Security and Digital Forensics: 147-154, London, 7-9 September, 2009
  • A. Filippoupolitis, G. Loukas, S. Timotheou, N. Dimakis, and E. Gelenbe. Emergency response systems for disaster management in buildings. NATO Symposium on C3I for Crisis, Emergency and Consequence Management, Bucharest, May 2009. Best Paper Award
  • S. Timotheou and G. Loukas. Autonomous Networked Robots for the Establishment of Wireless Communication in Uncertain Emergency Response Scenarios. 24th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Track on Intelligent Robotic Systems, Hawaii, USA, March 8 - 12, 2009
  • E. Gelenbe, M. Gellman, and G. Loukas. An Autonomic Approach to Denial of Service Defence. IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, pp. 537-541, June 2005
  • E. Gelenbe, M. Gellman, and G. Loukas. Defending Networks against Denial of Service Attacks. Conference on Optics/Photonics in Security and Defence (SPIE), Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Sensor Networks, vol. 5611, pp. 233-243, October 2004
  • D. Gan, B. McKenna and N. Skinner. Undergraduate Projects using OPNET: Two Contrasting Case Studies, Opnetwork 2004 Conference, Washington DC, 31 August - 4 September 2004












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