The team ISEC

Dr Diane Gan - C-SAFE Director and Head of teaching

Principal Lecturer, co-founder and director of C-SAFE, Diane is involved in research in computer security and computer  and mobile forensics, and has been instrumental at developing the university's Master's and short course programmes from security and risk management to forensics and the law, including a new blended learning MSc in Operational Cyber Security. Diane has strong links with industrial organisations related to forensics, penetration testing and cyber security. She is also a reviewer for a number of journals (The Computer Journal; International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (IJITST); IEEE Access; International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology). She is also on the technical committees for a number of conferences. Diane has a PhD in Communications from the University of Greenwich.

Dr George Loukas - Head of research

Carrying out research and teaching on cyber-physical security technologies. Particularly active in industry-academia collaborations, in R&D and advisory capacity, George is currently the PI of the EU-funded H2020 TRILLION and CHIST-ERA projects (previously PI of EU-funded E-CENTRE project on cybercrime and UoG VC project on Cyber-physical intrusion detection for robotic vehicles). George has a PhD in Cyber Security from Imperial College. Before joining the university of Greenwich, he was an advisor on technical R&D collaborations for Defence & Security companies and the UK government. Currently on the editorial board of BCS Computer Journal and Elsevier's Sim. Modelling Practice and Theory, as well as on the committees of several IEEE conferences. George is the author of Elsevier's "Cyber-physical attacks: A growing invisible threat", selected by ACM in the top 10 articles and books in computing in the 2015 Computing Millieux category.

Dr Dave Chadwick

Senior Lecturer, co-founder and past director of C-SAFE, David is an expert in cryptography, steganography and auditing. David has particular expertise in cyber security threats in office applications and has published widely his research outcomes on security for spreadsheet documents.

Dr Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis

Avgoustinos was awarded his PhD on emergency simulation and decision support algorithms from Imperial College London. He has been active in the organising committee of the PerNEM workshop since 2010 and has authored many publications in highly rated journals and international conferences. His research interests include agent based simulation, emergency management and cyber profiling systems

Dimitrios Frangiskatos

Senior lecturer and experienced cyber security practitioner, Dimitrios has particular expertise in penetration testing, security exploitation, forensics, as well as security risk management and analysis.

Dr Tuan Vuong 

Tuan was awarded his PhD on cyber-physical system security in 2017. He is currently a lecturer, with research specialising in deep learning, machine learning and cyber security.

David Gresty

David is a senior lecturer with research specialising in digital forensics.

Dr. Anatolij Bezemskij 

Anatolij is a post-doctorate research associate specialising in cyber-physical system security, involving a diverse range of applications, from smart homes to robotic vehicles.

Dr. Ryan Heartfield

Ryan is a post-doctorate research associate, with pioneering work in converting the human user from weakest link to a human sensor of cyber security. He is also specialising in intrusion detection for smart homes.

 Dr. Syed Sadiqur Rahman

Syed is a post-doctorate research associate, specialising in the veracity of information coming from untrusted sources, including information provenance and cyber-trustworthiness of the devices used in participatory sensing applications, such as social media enhanced community policing.

William Oliff

William is a PhD student working on the use of Bluetooth low energy for indoor localisation and occupancy detection applications, including malicious attacks on such systems.

Janina Solorzano

Janina is a PhD student working on human sensing in the Internet of Everything.

Terry Brett (jointly with the Business School)

Terry is a PhD student working on bringing together network science and cyber security to study the dynamics of semantic social engineering attacks spreading through social media.

David Velásquez (jointly with EAFIT University in Colombia, and Sorbonne in France)

David's focus is on developing a generic, flexible and usable method to design and implement self-adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems that must operate intelligently in uncertain environments.

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