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Literature and Drama Research Group Literature and Drama Research Group

The Literature and Drama Research Group at Greenwich is committed to the rigorous exploration of literature in its historical and social contexts.

We view literature and drama as spaces for debate, facilitators of communication and community, of dialogues in which we seek to ensure that no partner's voice is silenced. Our definitions of "literature" and "drama" are broad and inclusive, from canonical authors printed in volumes to texts created in the moment by the interactions of performers and audiences.

In our traditional academic outputs we explore previously unregarded networks of writers, once popular but now forgotten texts and their readers, hidden family trees of novels, plays, poetry and periodicals that reveal previously unknown relations between them. In our creative practice we seek community (not necessarily continuity) with past and present writers. Through our drama practice and research we involve and value communities too often shunted aside.

We seek to achieve our aim not only through conventionally academic means of dissemination but by our open access outputs (Greenwich English, Greenwich English Prof, Victorian Fiction Research Guides), by creating and performing with non-academic communities (Reminiscence Theatre), and by engaging directly with local institutions such as the Greenwich Maritime Museum and the Greenwich Theatre as well as with the general public and schools in talks and workshops. Internationally, we are involved with the British Council, the Hong Kong Education Bureau and several Hong Kong theatrical groups in an exploration of what Shakespeare means in a post-colonial context.

Our blog site Greenwich English lists our current series of research events, to all of which we warmly welcome students, colleagues and the general public.

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Literature and Drama Research Group
University of Greenwich, Greenwich Campus
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Literature and Drama Research Group is part of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, University of Greenwich.