Our experts Statistics & Operational Research Group

Professor Vitaly Strusevich

Vitaly Strusevich is a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He is a recipient of the Prize of Lenin Komsomol of Belarus and the State Prize of The Republic of Belarus in Science and Technology, the highest Belarussian awards for research.

Dr Nadarajah Ramesh

Nadarajah Ramesh is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. His research work has been centered around the area of stochastic modelling with likelihood approach for environmental applications, particularly in hydrology and forest biometry. He collaborates with researchers at Imperial College London on the topic of stochastic point process models with environmental application, especially on rainfall modelling as well as the application of extremes & other stochastic models in this area.

In addition, to complement his research work on stochastic modelling, Dr Ramesh has been working on innovative approaches to enhance mathematics and statistics education, student experience and performance in higher education as well as students' employability skills.

Dr Kabir Rustogi

Kabir Rustogi is a lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. His research interests include scheduling theory, combinatorial optimisation and stochastic optimisation.

Dr Alan Soper

Alan Soper is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He graduated in theoretical physics in 1978 and initially did research on constructing classical solutions to Yang Mills gauge field theory, which represent magnetically charged, elementary particles. He worked in the computer industry for the Digital Equipment Corporation (now part of HP) from 1984-88 and has since done research on algorithms allied to computation. The main applications areas have been graph partitioning and drawing, with most theoretical results obtained in scheduling.

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