Office of Undergraduate Research & Enterprise Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Hi everyone!

My name is Louise Owusu-Kwarteng and I'm a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Sociology and combined honours degrees. I'm also the Director of the Undergraduate Research & Enterprise Office for this Faculty. My role involves the following key areas :

  • Facilitating cross-cultural research
  • Scoping existing staff/student projects within the Faculty
  • Initiating new staff/student research and enterprise collaborations

Having engaged in successful staff-student research projects, as part of the Applied Sociology Group and the Black and Minority Ethnic Students Project, I have found them to be beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, they enable students to boost their self-confidence and sense of achievement as well as to further enhance their research skills. This, in turn, can provide useful foundations for their future employability.  Moreover, ensuring that students are researchers, as noted by the Boyer Commission, should form a key element of their university educational experience:

Enquiry investigation and discovery are at the heart of the enterprise, whether this is through funded research projects or in undergraduate classrooms. It is also the pedagogy required for the 21st century' (Boyer Commission in Healey and Flint 2014:25)

In light of this, I am keen to ensure that more staff/student collaborations can be established across the faculty.  With regards to existing projects, I also want to see that these are supported in whatever ways are required and are possible. Another key goal is to showcase the excellent work that is taking place within the faculty. To that end, funding is available for these projects. If you want to have a chat about your ideas for potential staff/student collaborations, please feel free to contact me on ( Or let's have a face to face discussion over a nice coffee!

Here's to coffee and collaborations!