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Dr. Gavin Rand is a Principal Lecturer in History Department at University of Greenwich. Gavin's work explores the transmissions between Britain and empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a particular focus on the cultural history of the imperial military in South Asia. We talked about his research on partition of Indo-Pak 1947 & military operations in Waziristan.

Dr. Elena Vacchelli is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Greenwich. Her research specialisation is in migration and urban studies from a gendered perspective and has published a wide range of articles, special issues and policy reports on these themes. Her research interests include creative and participatory research tools for working with marginalised groups. We talked about the innovative ways to generate knowledge. How articles written with compassion and science influence policies. What does the research says about migration.

Darrick is Head of Law & Criminology in University of Greenwich. Darrick was Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology and Senior Lecturer in Criminology before joining Greenwich We talked about types of empathy, it's role in crime and society, how as humans we deal with prisoners and the future of our justice system.

Dr Frances Hawkes is a Behavioural Entomologist at the Natural Resources Institute. Her research and interests are regarding insect sensory physiology, neurobiology and behaviour to increase our capacity to manage vector-borne diseases of humans and livestock, chiefly focusing on malarial mosquitoes in sub-Saharan Africa.

We talked about the importance of Ecosystem, mosquitoes myth busting and the importance of insects and their relationship with their habitats.

Dr Jonathan Wroot is a Lecturer in Film Studies and his research looks into Japanese cinema; transnational cinema; film reception; genre within film and media; home media formats; industry studies.

We talked about the representation of Japanese culture and Film in western word/UK by the distributors. Myths about the Samurai and historically accurate characteristics. There are some enticing film recommendations if you are interested in Japanese films or anime. We also talked about the role of Netflix, future of cinema and how can we preserve the archives of brilliant films from a catastrophic disaster!