Greenwich Research and Enterprise in Environment Engineering (GREen) Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

GREen is the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities' practice laboratory working on a range of live projects which explore issues of sustainable design at a range of scales, in a variety of social, economic and political contexts.

We work with clients in both the public and private sectors, often working with community groups to establish the feasibility of projects and explore the potential to maximise the benefits to the maximum number of people for the maximum length of time for minimum environmental and financial cost.

While some projects are taken through to realisation, others are taken through to full planning permission stage. Many projects are developed to establish either a strategy for phased development or to explore a series of options and where appropriate establish a vision to facilitate consultation events or pursue fundraising campaigns.

Key to the work of GREen is the belief that sustainable solutions only result through a holistic approach to design, therefore even the smallest projects are seen as an opportunity to explore macro philosophy at a micro scale.

We have well-established relationships with leading architectural, landscaping and engineering consultants working on cutting-edge technological developments, testing ideas and carrying out applied research in sustainable design.

GREen offers graduates (and current students) opportunities to work on live projects and gain valuable experience and understanding of how sustainable principles can be applied to any project despite pressures of budget, programme, funding, ownership and regulatory constraints.


Howard Gilby
Head of Project Office

Tel: 020 8331 9228