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Acquisition of non-western languages: the interface between language learning and language teaching conference.

Saturday 10 October 2015

Research in instructed second language acquisition has laid the groundwork for a number of important discoveries. Studies in this field have increased in quantity as researchers have addressed a variety of topics, asked new questions and worked within multiple research methodologies and from a variety of academic disciplines. 
Despite the fact that most of the research in this field has been carried out focusing on the acquisition of western languages, there is reasonable amount of research that has been conducted on non-western languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. 
Papers from this conference should present empirical research addressing the effects of external factors such as instruction, corrective feedback and input manipulation on the acquisition of Non-Western Languages. Conference papers investigating language development in these languages should highlight the implications that such a research has on language teachers and language teaching more generally.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Conference on acquisition of non-western languages is hosted by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Greenwich.