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A placement is an ideal way for students to obtain some valuable employment experience prior to venturing into the graduate job market. The placement must be a minimum of nine months and maximum of 14 months full-time paid work and is undertaken after the second year and before the third year of study.

The aim of the placement is to enable the student to acquire practical experience by applying the knowledge that he or she has gained at university. Placements also develop key skills, including communication, presentation and enterprise skills necessary for a career in industry.

Students may complete a placement at any time between finishing their second year of studies in June and starting their final year in September of the following year. The average placement lasts 12 months.

The University of Greenwich's School of  Computing & Mathematical Sciences' Employability and Placements Office team provides assistance from the initial recruitment process through to the completion of the placement. If you are considering employing a student, we can advertise suitable positions, forward CVs and check online applications before sending them to you for consideration. We also prepare students for the interview process. Some employers like to make a presentation on campus before interviewing students. We are happy to make arrangements for this.

The majority of our placements in the UK are paid. Terms and conditions of employment are ultimately agreed between employer and student, but the average pay for a student undertaking a computing- and mathematical-based placement is currently between £12,000 and £17,000 a year.

The placement is seen as a three-way relationship between the University of Greenwich, the student and yourself. We maintain contact with both student and employer throughout the placement. A contact tutor visits the workplace at least twice and provides support to both student and employer.

The employer must agree to supervise the student and meet the visiting tutor twice during the duration of the placement. Prior to each visit, the employer will be asked to fill out a short report form. We ask all three parties to agree to a code of conduct, which is designed to help ensure we work in unison.

If you would like more information on our placement programme, please contact the team at the Employability and Placements Office on:

Tel: 020 8331 8500
Fax: 020 8331 8665