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We have been delivering distance learning for over ten years and offer programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Our commitment to distance learning

We have offered distance learning since 1992. Since that time, we have developed partnerships in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Trinidad, and China. Over the same period, we have also expanded our distance learning provision and we now offer a range of programmes in two main disciplines: the built environment and occupational safety and health.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning programmes are delivered via study guides (the main source of academic material), course guides and supporting textbooks for each course. Many courses also have an online presence.

The programmes are delivered through regional centres including Hong Kong, China, Trinidad and the UK. Each centre offers two study schools each year when staff from the university introduce courses and programmes, discuss teaching and learning strategies, and deliver key lectures.

The centres also provide students with a range of facilities including library and IT. All students have full access to the university's resources including the electronic journal collection, online textbooks and Off-Campus Services and Remote Support (OSCARS) - developed by the university to improve support for students studying off-campus, including distance learners.

Built environment

The MSc Real Estate and Construction and MSc Management and Economics programmes have been offered in Hong Kong since 1995 in collaboration with SPACE, Hong Kong University. In 1997 the MSc Facilities Management was added to the portfolio. More recently, the MSc Project Management completed the built environment portfolio.

In addition to Hong Kong, the built environment distance learning programmes are now offered in collaboration with Yunnan University of Finance and Economics and, of course, in the UK at our Avery Hill Campus. Discussions are taking place with potential collaborative partners and it is likely that additional centres will be introduced in the future.

Safety, health and environment

We have offered distance learning health and safety programmes since 1994 - initially the MSc Occupational Safety and Health and the MSc Occupational Hygiene. These programmes were delivered in the UK and Hong Kong, and are still delivered in both centres today along with SBCS in Trinidad. The BSc Occupational Safety, Health and Environment programme was first delivered in the UK and Trinidad in 2004. In addition to those centres, it is also delivered in Malaysia at Kolej Fajar and in Singapore at Absolute Kinetics (September 2010).

In response to the demands of industry and professionals, the MSc programmes were reviewed in 2007 and the MSc Safety, Health and Environment programme was developed to replace the MSc Occupational Safety and Health. The MSc portfolio now comprises of the MSc Safety, Health and Environment and MSc Occupational Hygiene.

All our safety, health and environment programmes are accredited by either (or both) the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) or the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).

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