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" My foundation degree allowed me to explore a range of digital technologies including photography and video as well as web design. I decided that web technologies were where my interests lie so, on completion of the foundation degree, I applied to go straight into the final year of the BSc Hons in Web Technologies.

This means that at the end of my studies I will have achieved two qualifications. I have found everything to be extremely well organised. As a student you always know what you should be doing and feel supported. I am confident that the skills I am learning are preparing me very well for a career in web design. "

Luca Guanieri, FdSc Digital Media Technologies / BSc Hons Web Technologies

" I completed my BSc in Computer Science and Engineering at the BRAC University in Bangladesh. I then registered at the University of Greenwich for the MSc in mobile computing & communications. On this programme I have studied technologies such as mobile technologies, network management, network security and web engineering. I enjoyed these courses very much, especially mobile technologies and network security. The mobile telecomms industry needs skilled people and this programme has been designed to meet the market demand. I am confident that it will help me to get into this job market. "

Mohammad Haque,  MSc Mobile Computing & Communications

" It is a very diverse programme and you get to learn a whole range of skills. I have particularly enjoyed learning PHP coding. I have met many interesting people and gained lots of friends as well as the skills and knowledge to take me forward into my career. "

Zara Reynolds, BSc Hons Web Technologies

"I can't help being so enthused about the difference this programme has made to my life.

For the first part of my working life, while bringing up two children, I was working in administration, finance and accounting. These were 'the good old days' when there wasn't a computer in sight. I then realised my ambition and trained to become a nurse. Computers began to arrive at the clerical stations but I managed to avoid them. As I 'climbed the ladder' I realised that I needed to address this issue and I enrolled on the MSc in Computing and Information Systems.

The programme has revolutionised my working life. I don't know where to begin. I now have staffing details on a database and electronically prepare teaching sessions. I have my own spreadsheets to calculate my percentage annual leave and sickness levels, and I keep a history of all my meetings. Staff communications are by e-mail, and I am also able to keep up with national initiatives and so very, very much more. I feel the programme has provided such an interest, a stimulation that has allowed me to maintain enthusiasm in all areas of my life. Being a part-time student, I have still managed a very full working and social/ family life. I'll never run out of things to learn."

Janine Phillips, MSc Computing and Information Systems