FAQ - students GWizards

Hopefully, you will find the answers to any questions you may have about GWizards using the links on the left hand side of this page. However, if our FAQs sections do not address the concerns or queries that you have, please do not hesitate to email us at gwizards@gre.ac.uk.

Can I join GWizards?

CIS undergraduate, postgraduate or recent graduate (you have graduated within the last two years) then you may apply to become a GWizard.

What's in it for me?

Real world experience of within your chosen industry is the key to getting that first, all important job, on graduation. Recent graduates often find themselves in a situation where their limited real world experience excludes them from the opportunities available within a depressed job market. Working on a GWizards project will enable you to gain real world experience that will enhance your CV and make you more attractive to potential employers. You will also have the opportunity to develop your soft skills in key areas such time management, team working and project management. Once you have volunteered successfully for GWizards for a continuous period of at least three months we will provide you with a reference for any future job applications.

How do I apply to become a GWizard?

In the first instance email us at GWizards@gre.ac.uk and attach an up-to-date copy off your CV. We will then arrange an informal interview with you to talk about your skills and whether GWizards is for you. If accepted, will place your details in our GWizards Talent Pool and offer you a suitable project as soon as possible.

Will I be paid?

This depends entirely upon the projects available to you at any given time. The majority of the projects that we work on are community-based projects for local charities or not-for-profit organisations and are undertaken on a voluntary basis. Occasionally, we may invite you to participate in a commercial project in which case you would be paid an hourly rate for the work you undertake.

How much of my time will I be expected to commit to GWizards?

If you volunteer for GWizards during term time we will expect you to commit no more than six hours a week of your time to your assigned project. (We don't want you r GWizards commitment interfering with your studies). If you are a recent graduate or if you are current student wishing to volunteer during the vacation periods, the hours you agree to commit each week will be agreed with your GWizards supervisor.

How does this fit in with my programme of study?

If you are in the final stage of your programme of study, it may be possible to integrate your GWizards work with your final year or MSc project.