10Tribes GWizards


The event marketing experts 'Captive Minds' supported Masters degree student Wasiq Islam in the development of a prototype mobile app for Android phones. The purpose of the prototype App was to allow members of the 10Tribes network to search for information about events and their favourite artists.

A 10Tribes iPhone app already existed and a key aim of this project was to investigate how to develop a user interface for the Android app that was as appealing as the iPhone app, but which also had the look and feel that users would expect of an Android app. As a part of this project the student investigated the programming framework differences between the Android and iPhone environments. He also investigated the most suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to use and compared Intellij and Eclipse.

The technologies used in the development of this prototype App were Intellij, Android, web services and JSON.

Project type

This development was undertaken as a Masters Degree project.


The student worked closely with staff from 'Captive Minds'.

Student and staff involvement

The project was undertaken by an MSc Enterprise Software Engineering student supported by his academic supervisor.