Critical Care App GWizards


A Masters degree student worked closely with clients, to develop a prototype Android tablet App, to be used within Critical Care at The Medway Hospital. The application made use of an onscreen keyboard as well as specially designed icons.

After initial evaluation of the technologies available, the Android application was programmed in Java using the Eclipse IDE. The app stores data in a SQLite database on the phone and is designed to be easily updateable via a web service. As part of the project, the student identified the advantages and disadvantages of cross-platform mobile development.

The App was tested with users in the workplace using the Android tablet ViewSonic and their feedback evaluated for any further development that may occur.

Project type

This development was undertaken as a Masters degree project.


The student worked closely with representatives from The Medway Hospital.

Student and staff involvement

The project was undertaken by an MSc Web Technology student. He was supported by his academic supervisor.