Website development - Athole Still GWizards


The aim of this project was to redesign an organisation's existing website whilst developing a content management system to simplify the data management processes. Firstly, the student needed to analyse the company's business processes and to elicit their requirements for the new website and content management system. Following on from this, the student developed a prototype system which was thoroughly tested by the client in the workplace. The student was required to develop both his technical and interpersonal skills in order to successfully complete this project and deliver a professional-standard product.

Technologies used in this project included PHP, MySQL, AJAX and JQuery.

Project type

This project was undertaken as part of the Industry Work Practice Final Year Undergraduate course.


The student worked closely with staff at the Athole Still organisation.

Student and staff involvement

This project was undertaken by a Final Year BSc (Hons) Digital Media Technologies student The student was supported by both his academic supervisor and his GWizards supervisor.