SHREWD - GeoMap App GWizards


Using the real-world SHREWD environment as the focus for this project, the student developed a prototype Gegraphical Map Representation application. The purpose of the application was to provide a visuali representation of health services and resources over a speciific geographical area.

In order to develop the prototype the student had to firstly undertake an in-depth evaluation of mapping APIs such as ArcGIS, Web Mapping API, Graphing API, Yahoo Maps API, Google Maps API, MapQuest ApI and Bing Maps He also undertook an in-depth evaluation of Graphing APIs such as ExtSCharts, Highcharts JS, Google Charts, jqPlot and jQuery Visualise.

The prototype was developed to be accessible over the Internet and to be available to heterogenous devices.Tests were run on several desktops and a number of mobile devices using the following operatiing systems: iOs, Android, WebOS and Windows Phone 7.

The technologies used to develop this prototype were Spring MVC, Hibernate, AJAX/JQuery, Google Charts API, JQuery Visualise and web services SOAP and REST.

Project type

This development was undertaken as a Masters Degree project.


The students worked closely with partners from the SHREWD project.

Student and staff involvement

The project was undertaken by an MSc Software Engineering student. He was supported by both his academic supervisor and his GWizards supervisor.