SHREWD - GP App Prototype GWizards


Using the SHREWD real-world environment as the focus for this project, the student investigated the possibility of developing a centralised data gathering and reporting system for GPs using the SHREWD system. The student undertook a thorough analysis of the requirements - both technical and functional. He then developed a prototype App in order to explore the best technologies available and to gather feedback from possible users.

The following software packages, frameworks and envioronments were investigated (and in some cases utilised) as part of this project: Netbeans Software IDE, Java, Spring MVC , Hibernate, XML, JSP/HTML/CSS, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Subversion.

Project type

This development was undertaken as a Final Year Undergraduate project.


The student worked closely with partners from the SHREWD project.

Student and staff involvement

The project was undertaken by a Final Year BSc(Hons) Computing undergraduate. He was supported by both his academic supervisor and his GWizards supervisor.