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SHREWD stands for Strategic Health Resilience Early Warning Dashboard. The project has been developing an online digital version of an existing health service resilience early warning system. It has been extending the range and scope of activities within that system to to provide rapid and comprehensive information to decision makers and service managers. Over £40,000 of funding from Medway Health, Transforming Systems and the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) supported the software development in its early stages and, as a part of this, GWizards students were able to work within the real-world SHREWD environment to undertake a range of activities and provide support to a number of interesting sub-projects.

Project types

GWizards students worked on a number of proof-of-concept assignments as part of their MSc projects or Final Year Undergraduate projects .

Projects such as 'Geographical Map Representation' and 'Blackberry App Prototype' are described in more detail within the additional SHREWD links.

In addition to this, a number of students volunteered with SHREWD as part of a GWizards Bursary Scheme to gain experience of working within a real-world development environment. A number of these projects are also described in more detail in the additional SHREWD links shown at the side of the page.


Medway Health, Transforming Systems and HEIF, together with the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences at the University of Greenwich, provided input to the early stages of this project.

Student and staff involvement

Three MSc students and three Final Year Undergraduate students have undertaken proof-of-concept research as part of their project assignments.

Two undergraduates volunteered with SHREWD as part of a GWizards Bursary Scheme.

Six academics and two support staff have provided support to the students involved with SHREWD projects.