SHREWD - Testing GWizards


As a part of a GWizards Summer Bursary Scheme two CMS undergraduates volunteered with the GWizards initiative to gain real-world experience within a development environment. They both began their volunteering experience by undertaking software testing activities. Following an initial training course where they updated their Spring Hibernate skills, they developed test cases for the prototype SHREWD website and documented their findings. They also tested the interface design using a number of different mobile devices including the Blackberry and iPad. Following this, the volunteers used JUnit and JDBC to test Java code written to create, update and replace users of the system. Finally, the volunteers used a combination of Hibernate and XML to map the defined Java classes to the MySQL database to ensure compatability.

Project Type

This testing project was undertaken by volunteers as part of a GWizards Summer Bursary Scheme.


The volunteers worked with a number of SHREWD partners.

Student and Staff involvement

A Final Year BSc (Hons) Mathematics graduate and a second year BSc (Hons) Computing student volunteered to work on this testing project during the Summer break. They were supported by their GWizards supervisor.