Video - 'Love is all we need' GWizards


'Love is all we need' is a charity that raises funds to care for orphans, vulnerable children and young people in South Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty. A GWizards volunteer worked with this charity to produce a video promoting their work. The one minute video was a compilation of the charity's promotional photographs which were given movement and set to music. Firstly, the GWizards volunteer held a number of meetings with the charity workers to elicit the requirements for the video: this process included agreeing upon the images to be used, the music, the pace of the video and the accompanying text. Next the video was carefully produced and edited using Final Cut Pro as the underlying technology.

Project type

This video production project was undertaken by a volunteer as part of a GWizards Summer Bursary Scheme.


The volunteer worked closely with partners from the 'Love is all we need' charity.

Student and staff involvement

A second Year BSc (Hons) Digital Film Production student volunteered to work on this video project. She was supported by her GWizards supervisor.