Students GWizards

"I have gained analytical and communication skills which will benefit me when I apply for future job roles in data analytics after I graduate." (fina year GWizards student, BSc Hons Mathematics & Computing)

Both current students and recent graduates (within the last two years of graduation) are welcome to join GWizards.

Gaining programme-related relevant work experience is a key factor in gaining that all-important, first job.

GWizards provides a platform for you to put into practice the skills you have been developing during your Undergraduate/Masters programme by getting involved in the development of real-world projects within a supervised environment.

Depending upon your current programme stage and/or skillset we may invite you to contribute to the development of a real-world project by becoming a GWizards volunteer or, alternatively, by undertaking an appropriate Final Year Undergraduate/Masters project.

Find out how both current students and recent graduates can get involved with GWizards.

Our recent GWizards want to encourage you to join us and some have posted their experiences from the 'Success Stories'. 

Finally, if you are serious about a career in your chosen field, and want to gain real-world work experience, then find out the next steps by clicking on the 'Register your interest' link. We hope to hear from you soon!