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Whether you are first year student embarking upon your studies with us, a second year student developing your skills and knowledge base, or a Final year/Masters student about to face the current competitive job market, you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd: relevant work experience that demonstrates you have applied your practical skills to real-world developments will help you expand your CV and, ultimately, get your application noticed by an employer so that you can get that all-important first job.

As a current CIS student you can apply to join GWizards no matter what Undergraduate/Masters degree programme you are currently studying. For example, our current GWizards are studying programmes from a full range across the school including S/W Engineering, Business Information Systems, Web Development, Film & TV Production and Maths & Computing.

Depending upon the stage/year of your degree programme you may get involved in GWizards in a number of different ways:

  1. Volunteering - any Undergraduate/Masters student can apply to become a GWizards volunteer. During term-time current students may only volunteer for six hours a week (this is so your studies aren't neglected!). Outside of term-time current students may volunteer for longer hours, as agreed with the GWizards supervisor.
  2. Final Year Undergraduate/Masters project - we have a number of real-world opportunities that are appropriate as the basis for a final year project at either undergraduate or masters level. For example, these projects could involve developing a small, but critical system for a local organisation or, alternatively, could require you to develop a prototype as a 'proof of concept' exercise for a larger development environment.

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