Success stories GWizards

Our current GWizards are so committed to the idea of gaining work experience whilst supporting the local community and local businesses that they want to encourage you become a GWizard too!

Here are the views of some our current GWizards:

" Working on a web development project during my final year involved assessing the company's business processes and requirements to build a website and content management system tailored to specification. Aside from furthering my client/developer communication skills, it enhanced my skills as a professional web developer and this will stand me in good stead for employment upon graduation."

Luke Harbord, Final Year BSc (Hons) Digital Media Technologies

"The skills I have learned during my time with GWizards are numerous. I have learnt how all the discipline areas like programming, web and databases are connected and this has helped me to understand the software development process. The technical skills are not the only skills I have developed though. I have developed my soft skills as well. I think of myself as a more confident person now and believe that I've found my voice as a result of working with GWizards."

Amin Mekhid, Final Year BSc (Hons) Computing

"This work experience has been the best part of my whole degree in Greenwich and I would do it all over again. I have always had part-time jobs in bars or shops or as a student ambassador, but none of these jobs were ever relevant to my area of study. With my work experience at GWizards I felt for the first time I was doing a real job. I was able to assess myself and identify the skills that I am missing, the things that stop me from being viewed as a professional software developer and how to work on them."

Ameli Gottstein, Final Year BSc (Hons) Mathematics

"Having such a wonderful supervisor (Ms. Gill Windall) was an absolute advantage when trying out a new technology such as Android. My supervisor really motivated me and inspired me to gain an in-depth technical insight into this project. I would like to say that the amount of skills that I learnt in such a short time from this project - coding standards, debugging, learning of a new language - were possible because of my GWizards supervisor."

Wasiq Islam, MSc Software Engineering