Clive Nwonka

Clive Nwonka BA MA PhD PGCert HE

Clive Nwonka

Lecturer in Film & TV

Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts

Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities

Dr Clive James Nwonka is a Lecturer in Film & TV. He joined the Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts in 2016, having previously lectured at Brunel University, Ravensbourne and Birkbeck, University of London.  He completed his PhD in Film Studies at Brunel University. His thesis sought to improve understandings of the relationship between political ideology, film production governance and film texts by considered the affect on contemporary British social realism and black British filmmaking by New Labour's social and cultural policy and the commissioning trends of Film Four, BBC Films and the UK Film Council.  He spent two years as a Research Assistant on the AHRC Connected Communities project led by Professor Sarita Malik within the Media and Communications department at Brunel University, and was previously a Research Associate at Ravensbourne.

His teaching is closely informed by his research in contemporary film and the UK Film Industry, as well as his engagement with film institutions. He currently teaches on both BA and MA courses within the department.

His research is situated at the intersections of contemporary social realism, Black British cinema and UK film policy, with additional interests in American Independent cinema. These research areas are underpinned by mixed resource of film studies, politics and cultural studies, situating both textual and contextual readings within contemporary debates. Recent publications include articles on contemporary British social realism, post-multicultural television drama and an analysis of Steve MqQueen's Hunger, where he develops and interpretive framework for evaluating the film as a form of political epistemology.

He is currently working on several new research projects. Developed from his doctoral research, he is writing a book on British urban cinema, placing this within a broader discussion on media discourses, film policy and post-multiculturalism. The second involves an analysis of diversity policies within the UK film industry. He is also working on scholarly articles on contemporary British and American cinema in relation to wider theories around realism, architecture and location as narrational devices.

Nwonka, CJ and Malik, S (In Preparation) 'Cultural Discourses and Practices of Institutionalised Diversity in the UK Film Sector'. Target Journal: European Journal of Cultural Studies

Nwonka, CJ (In Preparation) 'The New Babel: Film Diversity in Language and Practice' Target Journal: Media, Culture, Society

Nwonka, CJ (In Preparation The Geographicality of Representation: Race, Identity and Architecture in Attack The Block'. Target Journal: New Review of Film & Televs

Nwonka, CJ and Malik, S (2016) Top Boy: The Allure of Urban Social Realism in a Post-Multiculturalist UK. Journal of British Film & Television

Nwonka, CJ. (2016) 'Hunger as Rhetorical Realism', Studies in European Cinema 13:1 pp. 1-15

Nwonka, CJ (2015) 'Diversity Pie: Rethinking Social Exclusion and Quota in Shaping Diversity Policy in The Film Industry'. The Journal of Media Practice 16:1 pp.73-90 

Nwonka, CJ. (2014) 'Fish Tank, The Selfish Giant and the Language of Contemporary British Social

Realism', New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film 12: 3, pp. 205–223

Book Chapters

Nwonka, CJ. (2016) 'The Council Estate as Cultural Verisimilitude in British Social Realism' (in) David Forrest, Graeme Harper, Jonathan Rayner eds. Filmurbia: Filming the Suburbs. London: Palgrave Macmillan

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CMCI Invisible Cultures Conference, King's College London. June 2016 Paper Title: 'The New Babel: Film Diversity in Language and Practice'

Salford Media Festival Conference, University of Salford November 2015. Paper Title: 'Open Cinema: Innovations in Participatory Digital Film Culture'

"Whatever Happened to the Working Class" Conference, Senate House, London September 2015. Paper Title: "You're what's wrong with me"Fish Tank, The Selfish Giant and the Language of Contemporary British Social Realism'

New Directions in Film & Television Conference 2015, University of West England, UK April 2015, Paper Title: 'Making It': Defining Success in the British Film Industry in the Digital Film Age'

Media Engagement 2015, Lund University, Sweden, March 2015. Paper Title: 'Top Boy: The Allure of Urban Social Realism in a Post-Multiculturalist UK'

Radical Film Network Conference 2015, Birmingham City University, UK February 2015. Paper Title: 'New Labour and the End of British Social Realism'

Screenwriting Research Network International Conference 2014, Film University Babelsberg, Germany. October 2014. Paper Title: Hunger as Rhetorical Realism

Creative Research Conference 2013, Ravensbourne, UK, July 2013, Paper Title: 'PhD practice based Research in Film Methodology'.

Channel Four and British Film Culture Conference, British Film Institute. November 2012 Paper Title: 'Channel Four and The Emergence of Black British Filmmaking'

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