Careers and employability Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Graduates of the Department of History, Politics & Social Sciences develop an impressive range of skills during their course of studies, making them attractive to a wide range of employers.

The splendid location of our campus on a World Heritage Site and proximity to central London has allowed us to forge valuable links with public sector, heritage and political organisations. Students have the opportunity to begin to develop links with these bodies during their degree programme via work placements and also through extracurricular activities such as volunteering.

We work with employers to ensure our degrees provide students with the skills and knowledge they need in the world of work.

Students from the majority of our programmes have the opportunity to undertake work placements in business or the wider community, as a part of their degree. These range from full-year placements to practical course options to work experience opportunities. Students receive advice and mentoring from successful professionals, and to plan their futures from an informed and supported position giving them the best chance of success in the world of work.

Staff will work with students to help find suitable opportunities that will develop the students understanding of their subject and help increase their overall skills and experience, as well as develop an insight into a possible future career. We have good relationships with a wide range of employers but are always keen to help students find new placements that reflect their goals and ambitions. Our network of national and international employers supports the three-way relationship between the student, the employer and the faculty.

The university also provides many opportunities for students to gain work experience and enhance career prospects. The Employability and Careers Service (ECS) offers a range of options, including JobShop, mentoring, volunteering and the student ambassador scheme.