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Hear what our students have to say about their programmes, tutors, work placements and campus life.

" My lecturers at Greenwich are very competent and I know that they are approachable, and have always helped when I have needed support. The courses in the combined programme complement each other really well and it allows me to transfer my knowledge to each half of the programme. One of my favourite modules to study has been 'Politics and Development in Asia and Africa'. It has really expanded my knowledge in an area I did not now much about previously. I have also developed an interest in this topic outside of my studies since I took it as an option within my programme. "

Lorna Froelich – BA (Hons) History and Politics, 2nd year

" I like studying at Greenwich as it's in a really good location in London. Since studying here, I have met people from all different types of backgrounds. I have also attended events organised by the Student Union and have found them to be really enjoyable. It has been interesting to learn about different aspects of History within my programme, and so far, I have enjoyed all of the modules which have been offered to me. As part of the programme, I have been able to pick modules from different types of programmes; such as Politics. This has enabled me to expand my knowledge in different subject areas. Since being at Uni I have been able to develop and practice various transferable skills such as presentations and public speaking. Studying in London also gives me the opportunity to network with various people which will be beneficial once I have finished my degree. "

Tobias Thompson – BA (Hons) History, 1st year

" Not only does University of Greenwich offer an extremely high standard of teaching on the programmes, it has provided the opportunity for me to make lifelong friendships. In addition, the support I have received both academically and emotionally has always been there from my lecturers. I have really enjoyed my time here in the past two years. " 

Nicholas Jones Hudson - BA (Hons) History, 2nd year

" My programme has been really interesting as the lecturers are very passionate and engaging with their students in classes. Our academics regularly upload various readings and articles on our online portal, which has been very helpful with the classes. If we ask any extra questions which is outside of the lecture's topic, the lecturers make sure the responses are uploaded on out portal for us to have a look at after. This year, I have had the opportunity to take part in a 'Battlefields' Field Trip to Belgium and France. The trip was really enlightening as it demonstrated to us the real experiences of World War 1 soldiers, and the true extent of the conflict and loss. Itwas also really fun to be with students from other programmes and years,and overall a very good experience. "

Calin Epure – BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations, 1st year

" I wanted to study at the University of Greenwich because I previously heard that the Social Science subjects were taught really well. I am also local to the area and like the campus itself. The teaching on my programme has been great and I originally did not expect it to be as interactive as I have found it to be. The lecturers and very engaging within the class atmosphere and often use different teaching methods to keep their students interested. This has worked really well for me and keeps me focused in my classes. "

Sonny Singh – BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations, 1st year

" Studying History at university level has been really interesting. During my time at Greenwich, I have found the lecturers to be very friendly and approachable. I have had a really good consistent level of interest in my lectures and seminars. As part of my degree, I have been able to take part in a Field Trip to Belgium and France. The field trip related to the 'Headlines in history' and 'War, culture and memory' modules. It has been interesting to learn about the World War 1 in class, and then actually see the battle sites in person. This has really put things into perspective for me and helps me to understand certain topics better. "

Michael Faulkner – BA (Hons) History, 3rd year

" I have had a great experience whilst studying at the University of Greenwich as a mature student. I have been very fortunate with the modules I have studied and the crossover of the two subjects has been fantastic. For example, the things I have studied in English Literature relate to the things I have studies in History, and vice versa. The support I have received from my lecturers has also been great. I know that if I email for support, I will receive it. During my time studying here, I have also been involved with Student Union activities. I have been elected as a mature student officer, and this has helped me to meet and support other mature students who are studying at the university. "

Pete Mills – BA (Hons) History and English Literature, 2nd year