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In the last 25 years the 'turn to memory' has become a central preoccupation of academic work in many disciplines, and 'memory' has become a key term in the lexicon of contemporary scholarship.

Annual events are held at the University of Greenwich on this topic and bring together researchers working in this fascinating area. A range of subject areas which featured memory as a key component are covered in: 

  • Drama, Music & Performance 
  • History, Heritage & Commemoration 
  • Literature 
  • Media & Film Studies

Check back for further information on upcoming events or below for information about our previous events.

Memory Symposium

The Memory Symposium covered a range of themes around memory including:

  • War and Memory - With papers having a specific emphasis on the two World Wars: 'Reassessing Bulgarian Popular Memory of the First World War' and 'Beyond the Western Front: Commemorating War in Contemporary Britain' 
  • Cognition, Memory and Identity - These included papers which reflected a variety of cultural experiences. Examples include 'Memory and Collective Memory on Cultural Ties and Everyday Practices of African-Caribbean Mothers in Britain', and 'The memory of the grandchildren: impunity and justice in Spain'.
  • Memory, Place and Time - This consisted of papers which considered memory in relation to the Magna Carta; 'Commemorating 750 years of Magna Carta' and '17th century Netherlands Crossbow and Conciliation; medieval memory in the seventeenth-century Spanish Netherlands'.
  • Media, Archives and Memory - This included papers relating to Media and memory, such as; 'Between the "Memory" of the Archives and the Memory of the Survivors: The "Burning Bush" Association' and 'Reminiscence Theatre'