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Hear what some of our students have to say about their programme, tutors and campus life.

" I owe much to the School of Law for helping me achieve my goals. The way the LLB course was designed was brilliant. As much as attaining a degree qualification was important, so was making clear steps towards getting a training contract. This is where the School of Law surpassed itself; there was a plethora of career events and consistent emphasis throughout the LLB course on how to build your CV. "

Colin Butuyuyu, LLB Law

Colin undertook an internship at Deutsche Bank in the summer of his second year at the School of Law and has since secured a training contract with Allen & Overy.

The academic team encourages a friendly, informal atmosphere, and are on first name terms with all of the students. This, combined with the unstinting support and provision of endless opportunities, makes the LLB students of the University of Greenwich's School of Law the envy of students not fortunate enough to have come here. I consider myself very privileged to have been allowed to study law at Greenwich. "

" The lecturers and tutors at Greenwich, all experts in their chosen fields, go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every student enjoys every possible opportunity to reach their academic potential. However, their efforts in promoting Greenwich LLB students do not end at the examination room door. The LLB    employability team in the school seeks, tirelessly, active contacts in law firms, barristers' chambers, banks and industry – creating a network for LLB students to tap into. "

David Brewer, LLB Law

" During my six years as a part-time criminology student in the school, I have been fortunate to have encountered lecturers who really cared about my progress and encouraged me to continue my education when various obstacles and challenges wanted to stop me. The lecturers are experienced and the lectures delivered with precision. Without a doubt, I can recommend criminology in the School of Law to anyone who is in search of sound knowledge and a great time in a university environment. "

Anthonia Balogun, Criminology