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The School of Law welcomes enquiries from students interested in either full- or part-time study for a Research Degree and offers opportunities for research towards three levels of Research Degree in both Law and Criminology

Doctor of Philosophy

The most popular option leads to a doctoral qualification. Students are initially registered on the MPhil and typically aim to upgrade to PhD registration at around the 12-18 month point of Full Time registration. The standard periods of research are 3 years for Full Time and 6 years for Part Time. The Dissertation is around 80,000 words. There is an additional programme of research training and associated courses, the overall focus of which is the attainment of research skills in preparation, in particular, for an academic career. The PhD is the academic 'driving licence' and all those aspiring to an academic career will need to achieve this level of qualification fully to access the profession. 

Master of Philosophy

As well as being a 'preliminary registration' for the PhD, the MPhil is a degree in its own right with students being under no obligation to proceed eventually to a PhD.  Students may opt to carry out research leading to this highly regarded Masters degree, although successful completion may then lead to a PhD qualification if the successful graduate feels they want more from their research career.  Periods of registration are 2 years for Full Time and 4 years for Part Time. The Dissertation is 50,000 words. 

Master of Laws (Research)

Finally, we offer an LLM by Research. This is a single year of registration (2 years for Part Time students) with a Dissertation requirement of 30,000 words. This degree offers students an opportunity to obtain a respected Masters level research degree but in just one year of full time registration. This is a popular option for those within the legal and related professions who wish to research a subject in greater depth than they would ordinarily do during legal training.  Typical applicants may be already qualified lawyers (both solicitors and barristers), police officers or others whose career aspirations would benefit from Masters level achievement.

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