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Greenwich is committed to removing the barriers to education. It's a promise we made in 1890 and you can help us by making a donation at a time when it matters most. Find your cause and make a donation today.

Innocence Project London

For the next 72 hours (until 12pm, Monday 4 October), Greenwich is hosting a Giving Weekend to raise vital funds for the IPL. The IPL supports a forgotten sector of society. By operating pro-bono to support the wrongfully convicted, the charity fills a funding gap in the criminal justice system. Find out more.

Students experiencing financial hardship

Students encounter many challenges in the 21st Century, including higher tuition fees and increased living costs. The hardship fund provides vital help to students who, through no fault of their own, are struggling to keep up with the costs of studying. For students with limited resources, any unexpected cost can land them in genuine financial hardship.

Your generous donation can help ensure a University of Greenwich student continues their studies and reaches their full potential.

Find out more about the Hardship Fund.

Scholarships and prizes

Choosing to go to university can be a daunting decision. Through one of our established scholarship programmes or through numerous bursaries and awards, we are able to provide our students with peace of mind.

Your donation helps us to ensure access to education for outstanding students and recognises their achievements along the way. Your gift recognises student achievement regardless of financial constraints.

Find out more about Scholarships and Prizes.

Greenwich Community Fund

The new Community Fund enables a diverse range of student-led projects and activities designed to develop confidence and provide unique experiences and training opportunities. A collaboration with Greenwich Students’ Union, each project gives back to the Greenwich community whilst enhancing student employability during these uncertain times.

University is more than doing well in your studies. It is about experiences, relationships and growing as a person.  Your donation will have a lasting impact on our students and the wider community.

Find out more about the Greenwich Community Fund.