All University programmes must undertake a short written review at the end of each academic session.

On-campus programmes

The annual programme review (APR) gives a programme team the opportunity to reflect collectively on, and to discuss how the past year has gone, to acknowledge and celebrate success, and to plan changes where the team can improve on current practice. Annual Review should take place towards the end of the academic session and is a shared activity between staff, students and other relevant departments, utilising a range of data sources and feedback.


M5 Annual Programme Review report

Data sources for the APR

Portfolio Development Dashboard (PDD)

The PDD holds a wide range of information at programme level, including data on entry tariffs, student progression and completion, student survey results, module performance data and employment statistics. These data provide information which will assist programme teams when considering actions to update and enhance modules and programmes for the next academic session. Should you require assistance using the PDD, please contact Planning and Statistics.

Timescales: APRs should be completed, considered by the Programme Committee and submitted to the Academic Quality Unit by the end of July.

Off-campus programmes

Partnership programmes are reviewed differently at the end of the year:

Franchised programmes:
where on campus awards are taught also by a partner institution, are reviewed in relation to the management of the programme, the standards achieved and the student experience: partners should use the Programme Monitoring Report (PMR) for Partnerships.

Validated/Externally Validated programmes: programmes which are designed and managed by the partner, usually without a parent programme on campus, are also reviewed in relation to student learning and desirable changes to the curriculum and should use the Programme Monitoring Report (PMR) for Partnerships.


Document to complete for Annual Programme Review for partnership programmes:

Timescales: AMRs should be completed and submitted to the Academic Quality Unit by the end of July.