Campus security (updated): Remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity


While there is no specific intelligence or threat to the university, we continue to keep our security arrangements under review and urge everyone to remain vigilant.

The advice from police and government is to remain alert but not alarmed.  On campus, please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to onsite security teams, as a matter of urgency, their numbers are:

Avery Hill: 9101
Greenwich: 7616
Medway: 3138 

Security staff will also check for ID at the entrances of some of our buildings, so we ask all staff and students to wear their ID when on university premises.

Nationally, the current threat level remains at severe, that means an attack is highly likely. Should you be involved in an incident, you should follow the advice police have issued of "Run, Hide, Tell"

The university offers a range of welfare and support services for students, you can find more details about these on our Student support page.