They form part of the Academic Framework and work to support Professional Services staff with a similar career framework will start later in 2017.

The need for Career Pathways for all staff came out of our staff survey in 2015, and they were identified as a core pillar for delivering our next Strategic Plan.

The Career Pathways for Academic staff are now available as part of the Academic Framework and they form the third of the four segments available in this framework.  Work on a similar career framework for Professional Services staff will start later in 2017.

The design of the Career Pathways has been led by staff, involving a robust mapping process to articulate expectations and career progression routes within the academic sector. As such they are ambitious and aim to support the entire career of an academic regardless of their field. Our values have also helped shape the pathways to support staff to deliver change to help them succeed, and help transform other lives through their contributions to the university.

For Academic staff using the Career Pathways we recommend:

  • Familiarising yourself with the Enterprise, Research or Teaching and Scholarship Pathways, reviewing where you'd like to develop your career.
  • Research and speak with people that could advise you, or perhaps have a coaching conversation with someone independent to consider your options.
  • Map your strengths, preferences, and areas for development and capture those as objectives and agreed development plans with your manager, ideally within your Balanced Academic Workload and Appraisal for 2017/18.

If you have any questions about Career Pathways then please contact