Visit the exhibition in the Stockwell Street project space before it closes on 7 January

Congratulations to Lucian Mocanu and Samiur Rahman who were both recognised in the RIBA President's Medals student awards. To celebrate we are holding an exhibition of all the nominations in the Stockwell Street Project Space, so do go along before it closes on 7 January.

Lucian's work, New Greenwich Civic Centre: A Transformative Architecture won the Bronze Medal Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing.  The project proposes a new modern civic centre that, unashamedly, caters for the modern age and places adaptation, flexibility and modern technology at the centre of its agenda. The architecture is conceived as a 'puppet'; an architecture of transformation, that can be manipulated for the needs of modern society.

Samiur's work, 'Nuclear NOW!' received a Bronze Medal commendation. The project speculates on the controversial idea that nuclear power is the way forward for our energy needs and embraces this, proposing a new micro-generating nuclear power station in Greenwich Park. Recognising its contentious nature, the developer, Hitachi, creates a Japanese themed festival within the power station which will utilise the by-products from the power generating process to grow tea, farm fish for sushi and produce exotic fruit as a way to promote nuclear power.

Both Lucian and Samiur are tutored by Rahesh Ram and Tom Noonan.

What are the RIBA President's Medals?

First awarded in 1836, the RIBA Presidents Medals reward talent, promote innovation, and encourage excellence in the study of architecture worldwide. This year 275 entries were received from 87 schools of architecture in 33 countries.