Congratulations to Dr Maria Nikolaidi, Dr Bonny Hartley and to alumna Shabina Begum


Shabina has recently received a prestigious Fulbright scholarship, while Maria and Bonny have been awarded Early Career Research Excellence awards.

Congratulations to Greenwich alumna, Shabina Begum who has received a Fulbright Award to study at Cornell Law School in the US.  Shabina graduated in 2008 and last year was our Alumnus of the Year in 2016 for her work as family lawyer and human rights activist.

Early Career Research Excellence awards

Congratulations also go to Dr Maria Nikolaidi and Dr Bonny Hartley, who have been awarded Early Career Research Excellence awards to support their research within the university.

Dr Maria Nikolaidi is a Senior Lecturer in Economics in the Business School. Her research focuses on the causes of financial fragility, macroeconomic effects of the shadow banking system, the impact of climate change on financial stability and the role of green finance policies.

Dr Bonny Hartley is a Research Fellow in FEH whose study explores how 'masculinity norms' contribute to boys' underachievement at school. It examines the patterns which establish boys as competent but boisterous and troublesome, and how these stereotypes can cast them as less academic than girls.